Odell’s Achilles heel

October 9, 2017 |  By Mishka

Odell Beckham Jr.’s fractured ankle was an injury that could have only happened to him. Somehow, every situation with the star comes off as a well curated drama, seemingly scripted and apart from reality, belonging on a broadway stage more so then the fields of the Meadowlands. This injury is perhaps the most substantial in recent football history, not strictly because of who it affects, but the timing of it as well. After this season, Odell  is going to be due for a new contract, one that many speculate would be the largest contract for a receiver ever- possibly making Odell the first $100 million dollar receiver. The Giants have expressed that they want to make Odell a career Giant. Now after missing the first two games of the season from a separate ankle injury and suffering a season ending ankle fracture in yesterday’s game, things have become very interesting. 

But at this point, I guess we can expect that things always get more interesting with Odell. Like Trump or the Kardashians, just when you feel like the storyline has reached its climax, something happens that brings the drama to a new level. When we saw Odell crying yesterday after getting carted off, those were not just the tears of someone in pain but those of someone who knows his pocket is about to be severely compromised The extent of this compromise isn’t known, it can range from the notoriously conservative Giants loosing interest in resigning him, to changing absolutely nothing and them still making him the $100 million dollar man. The argument for the former would be that receivers are fickle creatures and so much of their success is based on play of the quarterback. In a 16 game season when you only have chances of getting possession of the ball when your team isn’t running it, there are so few opportunities for receivers to distance themselves from the pack. The other point is how this injury will effect his overall speed. With Odell’s mother, Heather Van Norman being a six-time NCAA All-American in Track, speed is literally in Odell’s blood. It is one of his greatest differentiating factors along with his prodigal coordination that make him an all-time talent. This injury, could in fact be his achilles heel (no pun intended, ok maybe a little) that stops him from becoming the greatest receiver in the league (something I personally have always thought was his destiny). 

Now lets talk about the likely scenario that despite all of these factors, the Giants sign him to $100 million dollar contract regardless. They would be doing the right thing. This is because looking long-term and big picture, he not only is their best chance of winning, he is their best chance expanding their fanbase to new proportions. Take Odell off of the Giants, and we have nothing. We’re boring, stale, no pizzaz. Eli half the time looks like nothing is going through his mind at all. And between Ben McAdoo’s horrific play calling, Eli’s failure to seem to grasp the concept of a play clock, and a non-existent offensive line, we may be very well positioned for the first pick in the draft this April. And if you’re looking to totally close down shop and renovate the whole team, you start with a proven commodity and work your way off of that. Aside from some players on the defense, I expect a full overhaul and purging of anyone that is under par on the Giants. And right now the only player on the roster that is excellent is Odell. 

There is also the expanding nature of the NFL and how it is reaching new demographics in other countries. It is becoming a world sport in that it is watched in England and Latin America. Many sports marketing experts consider Odell to be the most marketable of NFL players to European and Latin marketplaces because he is more akin in style and swagger to that of a soccer player then the traditional NFL player. (Interesting fact: he is also widely popular in Germany). With this decade being predicted to be the one that breaks the NFL into foreign markets, wouldn’t it make sense to sign the most marketable overseas player to a long-term deal? This instantly makes your organization a favorite amongst non-American viewership in a critical time-when the content is being introduced to them. But even with that being said whats the real reason you make him a millionaire a hundred times over? Because he’s the most athletic man in the NFL and will continue to be when he makes his grandiose and opulent return.


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